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Guided by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ora spearheads early-childhood development in Dubai. Through our pioneering and innovative Zayed Early-Learning Framework, we prepare young people to lead the future of the UAE and the world.

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At Ora, we believe that – with positive support – all children can flourish. Typically, young people are introduced to the world as it is today, not as it might be tomorrow.

Boasting 20+ years of experience throughout KS1, KS2 in both Portugal and UK and in the field of Early Years for the past 8 years in Dubai, Vera believes that technology and digital innovation are at the core of the new age in education.

By empowering children to explore their individuality, we offer them the tools needed to craft a future beyond the next one hundred years. Prioritizing your little one’s growth in a safe environment, our progressive approach encourages young children to engage in not just the learning process, but in the teaching process too.

Ora is leading the future of early childhood development from Dubai. Igniting the spirit of childhood, ideas and hope, the Nursery of the Future delivers a state-of-the-art, experiential learning environment to equip children with the skillsets they need to become the leaders of tomorrow.


3 - 12 MONTHS
Ora’s flexible and gradual orientation process has been designed to ensure your family’s home-to-nursery transition goes smoothly. From trust-and-connection exercises to baby massage, tummy time and yoga classes, our highly-trained team will help your little one ease into his or her new routine quickly and easily.
3 - 4 YEARS (FS-1)
When developing our visionary Zayed Early-Learning Framework, we were inspired by leading international early-childhood educators. We paired their ideas with our own extensive
research to create experiential teaching methods that empower young people to play active roles in
their learning journeys.
1 - 3 YEARS
Bill Gates once said that the first five years have everything to do with how the next 80 turn out. Our flexible child-initiated learning techniques – that encourage educators and young people to work together to teach and learn simultaneously – motivate little ones to choose their own activities, learning styles and paces.
4 - 5 YEARS (FS-2)
We believe that being the oldest in a nursery – as opposed to the youngest in a ‘big’ school – is fantastic for three-year-olds’ confidence. Our Zayed Early-Learning Framework acknowledges the power and wisdom of play and features a timetable that perfectly balances fluid curiosity-based learning and more routine-based teaching time.


Guided by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ora has developed the Zayed Early-Learning Framework to empower young individuals to unlock their full potential. Founded on the pillars of Leadership Skills, Happiness and Positivity, Advanced Science and Technology & Coding our leading framework serves as a springboard for children’s imaginations.

Leadership Skills
Happiness and Positivity
Advanced Science
Technology and Coding

Raise A Tech-Smart Kid With ORA

If you would like your little one to attend a nursery that believes in creativity and innovation then Ora is ideal for you. Facilitating future-conscious education through our original Zayed Early-Learning Framework, Ora is pioneering the future of early-childhood development in Dubai.